Who Is This Guy?

Well, I’m still trying to figure a good chunk of that question out myself!

But I do know a few things:

I like to run (not very far and not very fast though).

I like to take pictures.

I very much enjoy craft beer (and yes, I will run for beer).

Where's the finish line?
Where’s the finish line?

I can’t afford real race photos.

I like to write (though not very well) and tend to ramble.

Thus, I’m thinking a blog would be perfect for me! (sorry in advance if you subject yourself to my ramblings)

The bottom line is I’m hoping to have some fun in here and maybe connect with some like minded people!



6 thoughts on “Who Is This Guy?”

    1. Of course I love to run for beer! Was actually registered for a Tough Mudder last year but had to pull out cuz I hurt my knee playing football. I’m planning on checking one out in the future tho!

  1. Oh, well, if you happen to find yourself, please let me know how you did it… personally, I’m still on the run! 😉 I’m not a big fan of beer myself (I run for chocolate!), but I hear that lager consumption can be considered as “carbo-loading”. What I’m saying is that perhaps you don’t have to run for beer, you could have beer to fuel your runs? In any case, I look forward to hearing more about your adventures, running and otherwise!

    1. Ha! Thanks for stopping by and for all your awesome comments! You run for chocolate, eh? Nothing wrong with that! For better or for worse, I think I use beer both as a fueling drink and a recovery drink…

    1. Ha! It’s been right here, buddy…tho I’ve been really slacking in terms of putting anything up here. Now that I know you’ve found it, though, maybe I’ll start putting some life into this thing…

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