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Building Blocks

Last night’s run was certainly nothing to write home about. It was short, uneventful, and ultimately will contribute very little to any sort of my mileage totals, whether for the week, month, or year.

It was the kind of run that you keep putting off. Before the day started, I knew that I would “need” to get in a run as I had not run the day before and I always try to not go consecutive days without putting down at least a little mileage. Despite my brain being on the “we’re going running after work” page, my body was seemingly perusing a whole different chapter. After work, I was tired and simply did not want to bundle up to go out and run in the cold. I procrastinated, finding little  things that were suddenly very important and on a time crunch to get done (I do think I need to reorganize all this junk on my desk…right at this instant).

At some point, however, the balance between the procrastination drive and the growing realization that I was just putting off the inevitable pushed me towards the “get your ass out the door” phase, and out the door I went!

Yes, it was cold and yes, I had been dreading this run all day. But you know what? Once I got a bit of a rhythm going, none of that mattered. It never does, does it? It felt good to be outside doing something that I love (mostly) and am lucky to be able to do (always).

It was cold and dark for sure...
It was cold and dark for sure…

In the end, this run is not going to show up in any record books or within the pages of Runner’s World (then again, none of my runs are but you get the point). It probably won’t even be taking up much space in my mind’s log book for very long.

However, I do believe it’s these kind of “building block” runs that make all the bigger and more epic runs possible. Though, when you think about it, they’re all pretty epic in their own right, aren’t they?