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Let’s Get Industrious

Diamond Knot Brewery is apparently in Mukilteo, Washington. Why does that matter? Well, simply because Mukilteo is an awesome name and because the numerous great craft breweries is just one of a growing number of reasons (phenomenal trail running being top on the list) why I feel I need to get out to the Pacific Northwest. But I digress…

Industrial IPA in its Natural Habitat?
Industrial IPA in its Natural Habitat?

In any case, I picked up a bomber of Diamond Knot’s Industrial IPA at the local Total Wine & More the other day and got a chance to crack it open tonight! What drew me to grabbing this particular bottle, you may ask. Well, the short answer is that it was $4.99 for this bomber at 7.9% ABV (hey, I’m a baller on a budget!). In all seriousness though (though those prior reasons are indeed fact as well), I’m a big IPA fan and haven’t seen or had this particular one before.

All in all, this was a solid brew. It wasn’t as hoppy as I tend to like my IPAs, but smooth and tasty nonetheless. It poured a light amber/orange color with a medium head and decent lacing. Not extremely carbonated and with overtones of a citrus/fruity taste. I typically don’t like my IPAs on the floral or fruity side, but I enjoyed this particular DIPA as there was also a nice balance of earthy tones.

Easy and enjoyable drinking, I would definitely go back to this brew in the future!

Pete, on the other hand, was less than impressed as he lounged on the couch and rooted against the Atlanta Falcons.