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And Gravity Has Taken Better Men Than Me…

Smuttynose’s Graviation is one of the brews in their “Big Beer” series which are touted as “Big Beers in Big Bottles”. As per the Smuttynose website, these beers are produced in small quantities and sporadically, and furthermore they don’t brew every style each year. Thus, the beers are “maddeningly hard to find” . Damn you, Smuttynose!

But seriously, let’s please refrain on the damnation of Smuttynose as that is one spot that is definitely on my brewery bucket list.

A big beer indeed!
A big beer indeed!

So what did I think of Gravitation? Well first off, this is definitely an in your face type of brew. This quality can be at least partially accounted for by the fact that it rings in at a respectable ABV of 11.3% (for the 2013 version), but furthermore its significant raisin character gives it a greater “fruity” presence than would be expected. The bottom line is that this brew has a nose on it and is not a “ho-hum” type of beer. You’re not likely to forget this brew, that’s for sure!

All in all, this doesn’t strike me as your traditional Belgian Quad (though what do I know?). It poured a much deeper amber red than I would have expected, and was much fruitier than I had anticipated. You definitely taste the alcohol content in this one, so there’s no chance of acting surprised when you’re trashed following the consumption of just one of these bad boys.

This particular brew wasn’t my cup of tea, though I tend to love the Smuttynose line in general. Perhaps with time the fruitiness of the beer would mellow out? I’ll never know as I needed to drink mine in the interest of good blogging.